the fastest way to make more money is to master your energy

If you were guided to this page, I already know something about you: you want more money, you're powerful & you're intuitive. Your intuition already said: "f*ck yes!" And the hard truth is: your energy IS affecting your bank account.

How do I know that? Because you have to become a millionaire vibrationally before it manifests in the 3D. But I also know that abundance IS your birthright & I can help lead you back to Source like I've helped a hundred women before you. And that's why we're expanding the Queens of Wealth Creation Membership (that's already been running for 18 months) & inviting you to join us:

  • Use our Rich AF Ritual & other proven Tools to Attract Money
  • Build personal Wealth Habits into your daily + weekly schedule
  • Manifest way more in our community w/ your own Money Co Manifestor
  • Master Your Energy + Intuition For Wealth Creation, track your success
let's f*cking go!!

our amazing members said it best...


when you enroll now, you'll get all of this:

  • 2 trainings on wealth creation tools per month
  • 2 integration calls to practice + embody the tools
  • Money co manifestor for accountability + checkins
  • Morning wealth rituals + weekly wealth habits
  • Money manifestation evidence tracker
  • Additional wealth creation educational resources
  • Recordings of live sessions housed in our app
  • Access to Queens of Wealth Creation community
  • Manifest money playlists + more


So if you believe in your ability to become a wealthy woman, join us now! And even if you don't, allow yourself to be held + guided back to your true abundant nature.

the transformation is in the tools:

If you feel like a “late bloomer” because you haven’t unlocked your purpose, your full potential or your earning potential yet - then you're already disconnected from your inner guidance + these trainings are going to game changers for you! This is just a sample of our upcoming topics and you can expect many more spiritual, mental + physical technologies like our Dream Life Calculator, Physical Wealth Builder, Money Portals, Manifesting Movements, Your Gateway Psychic Sense & more.

let's make some f*ckin' money, honey...


hello Queen! I’m Nicole Rose,

your money manifestation coach.

When I say 5x entrepreneur - I'd like to add that it's been over 11yrs with 2 bankruptcies, $150,000 in losses AND over $1 million in revenue. It hasn't been an easy road to creating lasting wealth so my mission now is to help you become rich AF in an aligned, exciting way.

You might already know me as an Executive Coach, Speaker & Creator of The Manifest Mindset™ - a technology that reprograms the subconscious brain to achieve your goals. I created it for myself when I left my corporate marketing job to build my entertainment empire & used it to manifest an abundant DJ business, a TV show, a celebrity mogul mentor, partnerships with Google, AMEX & more.

3 years ago, I started teaching the technology. Most people had wild successes but a few were still stuck in lack programming. So 18 months ago, I launched a membership focused on wealth creation to make sure everyone f*cking slays + the results rocked! I can't wait to hear yours!



in Queens of Wealth Creation, you will raise your vibration + increase your [net] worth in 3mos or your money back

total value: $6,536 investment: $444

This is how confident I am in the tools I teach + use for myself and the successes of our past and current members. If you decide this program + community is not right for you, OR you've already manifested millions - you can say goodbye any time, queen. We'll celebrate you!


  • energy healing aka reiki techniques specifically crafted to heal your subconscious money blocks
  • strengthening your connection to intuition so you can hear + trust that inner guidance all the way to the bank
  • meditations + activations to connect to your spirit guides who are excited to help you reclaim your birthright to abundance
  • my proven conscious + subconscious reprogramming process because prosperous thinking starts in the mind
  • + human design + breathwork for wealth

you're going to be next on this list...

Natasha was promoted to Senior Vice President - making more money in a role aligned w/ her purpose

"Good evening, Queen! GUESS WHO IS AN SVP?! This Queen right here!! Thank you so much for believing in me & helping me believe in myself. I'm so excited!!"

-Natasha, Banking, NYC

Nicole came to me in an energetic spiral & went from Lawyer --> 3x Published Author & Editor 1 year later

"Through Nicole's program, I was able to let go of what was no longer serving me, align with my goals and values, & unleash my creativity. Nicole helped me realize that my true purpose in life is to be a writer. I am so appreciative for all that she has taught me & the confidence she inspired in me."

-Nicole, Author, CA

Marie got 2 promotions, a bonus & a raise, joined the 6 figure club & bought her dream home in just 3 mos

"NICOLE YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS. Yesterday was insane, the CTO randomly booked a call with me - I got the manager job but they are letting me finish my contract so I can make more money! 2023 is going to be my 1st 6 figure year, Nicole! People are going to be blown away when they hear about my next promotion. You are a mindset genius!! I'd say I can't believe it but if there's anything I learned from you - anything is possible! I love you so much! Thank you!! "

-Marie, Technology, MA

you have a choice to make...

and I'd love to help you - this membership is for you if:

  • you're ready to step into the wealthiest future version of yourself within the next 30 - 60 days (money loves speed)
  • you're excited to impact the world in a positive way but you need a lil help with the details (entrepreneur or not, I got you)
  • you are over feeling stressed or anxious & you're ready to feel abundance in your body right now... like as soon as you enroll

and since true wealth is more than just money...


will it work for me?

We’ve never had anyone use the tools + technologies and *not* get results in over a hundred people but like any personal development program, you get out what you put in. If discipline is a challenge for you, then this is a great opportunity to make that one of the areas you want to focus on as you build out the vision of your wealthiest self.

is there any guarantee?

Because we are so confident that if you use the processes you'll get results, we are happy to offer a 100% money back guarantee. All that's required is that you show up on the calls, watch the videos, complete the exercises and do your best to hit your rich AF ritual aka you participate to the best of your ability. You don't need to be perfect to get results, you just need to show up consistently and we're here to support you if the road gets rocky.

how much time does it take to see results?

We've seen members get results in 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months etc. This is going to depend on how active you are in the membership and how consistent you are at taking action regularly. It doesn't matter if you're not an entrepreneur, there is always a path to more abundance no matter what your line of work is or what company you work for. Some members stay a couple of months, get what they need + hit the road, and some have been with us for 3 years now - constantly evolving + expanding. You're the boss, I'm just the guide ;).

what's the time commitment like each week?

First of all, I want to remind you that this is about YOUR wealth creation - not mine, not your bosses, not your husbands - so you stand to reap all the reward of your energetic input of time + money. Every other week, we'll have a 45 minute training with a new spiritual tool or technology related to increasing your net worth. We'll have integration calls between tools to help you implement + integrate - you can skip or you can join or you can listen later. All the recordings can be downloaded in our app and used on a walk, a plane, car ride etc. So the real question is: are you willing to spend 1 hour a week becoming the wealthiest version of yourself?

shift from "i'm spending" ➡️ "i'm expanding" right now

Are you ready to go from anxious + unclear to in control of your future + your finances? My promise to you is simple: I will help you increase in every aspect of your life. More money, better job, more creativity, better confidence. So if you are ready to say "HELL YES!" to your wealthiest future self, tap below to get started for just $444.